Vision & Objectives


To become a Center of Excellence for Judicial Education focused on enhancing capacity and professional efficiency of judicial human resources through training, research and dissemination of judicial information aimed at promoting an equitable, just and efficient judicial system.


To enhance knowledge, skills and capacity of judicial human resources and bring positive attitudinal change among them through continuing judicial education, research and dissemination of judicial information for promoting a fair, accountable, trustworthy and accessible judicial system.


  • To conduct training, conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and interaction programmes for enhancement of knowledge and professional skills of judges, judicial officers, government attorneys and private law practitioners and bring about attitudinal change that enhances their professional efficiency.
  • To undertake research in the field of law and justice and to provide scholarly and practical legal literature to judges, judicial officers, government attorneys and others who are involved in judicial administration.
  • To help promote a competitive, professionally competent, service oriented and effective private Bar.


National Judicial Academy, Tarakeshwor - 20, Manamaiju,Kathmandu,Nepal
(977) 4027449 / 4027451
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About Us

The National Judicial Academy (NJA), a member of International Organization of Judicial Training, was established in 2004 to serve training and research needs of the judges, government attorneys.

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